CryptoUniverse is a new reality of Mining based in Russian. The team that has many years of experience in Cloud Mining, has started this new project with the aim of providing its customers with a reliable service through a simple site and some additional services that other companies, at the moment do not offer, in particular they also sell ANTMINER of various types: these are the famous hardware for those who decide to mine bitcoins on their own. 

CryptoUniverse not only offers Bitcoin Cloud Mining services, it also sells Litecoin mining services.

The site is available in several languages.

In addition to this, CryptoUniverse
also has an efficient support service. If you have any problems or questions, customer service will answer your concerns.

How It Works - Guide 2020

How to Miner Bitcoin with CryptoUniverse

CryptoUniverse has multiple mining plans for Bitcoin and Litecoin. All contracts start from a minimum subscription of $9.

1. Registration to CryptoUniverse Mining

Go to the CryptoUniverse website. At the top right select the language and then click SIGN-UP. The registration page will open, fill in the form and confirm your registration in the email you received (search in the junk mail if you can't find the email).

2. Accessing the CryptoUniverse Mining Control Panel

Finally, you can access the CryptoUniverse control panel, click on LOGIN at the top right of the screen, and log in. At this point you will notice a menu full of buttons, in home page you will find the amount of bitcoin minis (if you have an active contract).

On the main screen of the reserved area, you will find various features. For the purchase of new contracts in the menu you will have to go to Tariffs.

3. Bitcoin mining on CryptoUniverse: how to buy a cloud mining contract

At this point you will access the page where you can choose which contract to buy: Bitcoin or Litecoin. Select Bitcoin and then choose the contract.

You will have a number of Bitcoin mining contracts at your disposal. Choose the one that best suits your needs. There is also the possibility to check the profitability of the contract through an internal tool.

Be careful, when you activate a contract it is indicated the day when the contract will actually be active for mining, this is because the company needs a few days to set up the hardware mining platform.

To make the purchase go ahead with the procedure and choose credit card as the payment method.

Pro of CryptoUniverse

Why is it worth buying contracts? The site is really simple and intuitive to use. Payment is quick and easy.

Cons of CryptoUniverse

It's been active since February 2018. So still very young. However, the members have many years of experience in this field.

Is CryptoUniverse Safe?

Cloud Mining is a risky investment, in any case CryptoUniverse is one of the safest sites, so we recommend it. You can register here.

Does CryptoUniverse have a minimum investment?

The minimum contract to mine Bitcoin costs $9 for one year of mining at the power of 1 TH/S. Here you can find all prices.

Does CryptoUniverse pay?

We have picked up Mined Bitcoins from CryptoUniverse without any problems.

Is CryptoUniverse Easy to Use?

The site is very simple and the interface is easy to use.

What can you mine with CryptoUniverse?

BTC and LTC mining is currently available.

Updates January 2020

CryptoUniverse has recently renewed the prices according to the new difficulty of Mining, the prices are very affordable, in fact the contracts start from $9 instead of $30 with 15% cashback.

Try CryptoUniverse now

With regard to coupons and promotional codes, we recommend that you register on the CryptoUniverse website to receive new information and coupons and vouchers.

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